Introducing your restaurant in La Wantzenau

Hidden in the countryside, 15 minutes from the center of Strasbourg, the restaurant is open for almost 20 years in an old mill in 1874 from Wednesday to Sunday in one of three rooms completely rejuvenated, understated elegance, with open nature around.

With 15 employees working in the kitchen, washing dishes, table service and maintenance outside the restaurant works hard to bring you satisfaction.

This gourmet restaurant has made his specialty, chick, a simple but special recipe that made the reputation of the institution.

The chef prepares regional dishes but also dishes from its inception, more personal, as his inspiration. Discover now the menu of your restaurant in La Wantzenau.

The ground floor consists of three rooms, two small and large overlooking the outside.

Upstairs you will find the conference rooms and meeting rooms used by professionals but also families who want a warm place to celebrate together.

On sunny days it is in the garden, under the ancient lime trees, you will enjoy the quiet and charm of the place with its capacity of 60 seats.

The restaurant has 125 seats in total.

The advantage of the restaurant? His impressive wine counting no less than 350 different wines from all over France.

If the wine must age sometimes, fresh produce must be fresh.

Salads, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, plums and other basils, chives and mint are only a few meters to go to your plate, like stevia rebaudiana media, to the surprising sweetness.

We cook the vegetables and fruits from our garden to guarantee fresh food to taste preserved.

You want to hire a caterer in La Wantzenau for your various events ? We can offer you menu ideas according to your desires, needs and budget.

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